Nervous People/ Pregnant Facebook

Nervous people are weird, anyone nervous here? good… good all of you are nervous, ever see the weirdest gestures when you get nervous. Like the hand in the air swinging, twitching, leg moving, frozen face (face expression). There’s this one time I was in a conversation with this girl and my face was glued to her boobs instead of her eyes or mouth. So I gave her one these faces (shocked face) like are those real… real boobs I mean.

Long story short, I’ve been noticing a lot of girls have been posting preganant photos on facebook because there pregnant and there on facebook… like shouldn’t you be worrying about a baby popping out of your body any minute now and your on facebook. A big creature in your stomach shaped like a round gigantic bowling ball on facebook everyone is staring at thinking what the fuck is that thing! is that real, what the heck did you eat? did you swallow a turkey.

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